Through Networking of the SIXT Car Fleet to New Services - And A...

Through Networking of the SIXT Car Fleet to New Services - And A Global Alternative for Private Cars

Alexander Boone, Senior Director Mobility Innovations, Sixt

Alexander Boone, Senior Director Mobility Innovations, Sixt

According to current United Nations estimates, 70 percent of all people will live in metropolises in 2050. The reasons for this are obvious: increasing urbanization and strong population growth. This development is accompanied by increasing traffic and environmental pollution. Already, the world’s population spends a total of around 7 billion hours a year caught up in traffic jams. This presents enormous challenges, particularly in the area of mobility. A social megatrend – the boom of the Sharing Economy – accompanies these developments.

 The international mobility provider SIXT has therefore set itself the goal of offering its customers worldwide a genuine alternative to private cars through an increasingly networked fleet, consistent customer orientation, a living culture of innovation with strong technological expertise and an attractive price/performance ratio. SIXT is present in around 110 countries worldwide and, with sales of EUR 2.93 billion (2018), one of the most profitable mobility companies in the world.

 SIXT is a leader in the development and use of new technologies

As one of the world's leading providers of high-quality mobility services, SIXT takes social and technological changes into account and surprises both the mobility market and its customers again and again with both disruptive and innovative solutions – most recently with the launch of the ONE mobility platform in February 2019. This unique IT platform makes it possible to integrate various digital mobility solutions. For example, SIXT can offer its customers worldwide easy digital access to more than 270,000 vehicles, over 1.5 million drivers and thousands of e-scooters in just one app. By integrating the SIXT rent, SIXT share and SIXT ride products, users of the SIXT App can be flexibly mobile anywhere in the world – without even owning a car.

"By networking the vehicles, communication with other intelligent systems is also conceivable, such as between vehicles and e-charging stations or petrol pumps."

SIXT rent is SIXT’s regular car rental service. Customers can rent vehicles via the SIXT App and at around 2,100 SIXT stations worldwide. In addition, at top airports in Germany and Europe, it is possible to select vehicles digitally 30 minutes before the start of the rental period and open them directly via the SIXT App. With SIXT Fastlane, customers save possible waiting time at the pick-up station. For longer-term rental periods, tailor-made flat rates for individual mobility can also be booked as subscriptions.

SIXT share is expanding its mobility offering to include car-sharing services in three major German cities. SIXT share combines flexible usage – from a few minutes to 27 days – with Germany-wide return options in the various business areas and at all SIXT stations. SIXT share also gives customers access to thousands of e-scooters from its cooperation partner TIER Mobility.

 SIXT ride provides customers worldwide with a comprehensive network of taxi, limousine and driving services. Together with partner offers, the SIXT App includes one of the world’s largest offers of its kind: customers can be picked up at short notice in over 250 major cities in Europe and the USA or book transfers in advance in over 60 countries.

The ONE mobility platform, which also includes the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, is at the core of the new SIXT world. This is linked to a telematics box installed in the vehicle and to the customer’s app. The system enables users to open their desired car easily and conveniently via their smartphone and Bluetooth connection. If required, SIXT customer service can also open or close the car via remote control using the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) mobile radio standard, which further enhances user-friendliness. SIXT already uses this technology in its SIXT share and SIXT Fastlane products.

The customer also receives so-called static and dynamic vehicle data generated via the telematics box via the SIXT App. The static information includes the car brand, the car type and specifications such as engine and equipment, for example. The customer is also dynamically informed about the condition of the car, for example with regard to the tank filling or if the light has not been switched off. Both telemetric data sets are strictly separated from personal data during processing and use. Of course, all digital applications of SIXT, as well as the integration of IoT, are fully compliant with the basic data protection regulation.

The ONE mobility platform is not only fed with data generated via the telematics box. In addition to networking the vehicles, a large amount of other data is also fed into the platform, such as online data or information from the manufacturers about the vehicles.

 If these data sets are combined and compared, new business models could emerge in the future. For example, information available online about the parking situation and the traffic situation or the weather could be supplemented with telemetric data in real time and thus processed to the advantage of customers. The use of the windshield wiper could, for example, be compared with the data of the weather services and thus be used to improve the information. By networking the vehicles, communication with other intelligent systems is also conceivable, such as between vehicles and e-charging stations or petrol pumps.

The continuous expansion and optimization of products, services and networked vehicles is therefore at the heart of the customer-centric evolution of the ONE mobility platform. The company intends to systematically expand the mobility services offered via the platform in the years to come. It is conceivable that public transportation and networked e-bikes as well as cars and drones driving autonomously will also be bookable via the SIXT App in the future, for example. Here, SIXT will continue to rely on cooperation with car manufacturers and other service providers as it already does today.



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